Kvevri R

Harvest date  : 2018 Locality  : Bech-Maacher Fusslach Mention  : Vin de Luxembourg Alcool content  : 12,5 % Content  : 0,75

The Kvevri R 2018, vinified in a georgian amphore called kvevri, reveals at first the typical citrus notes of a the grape variety. Plunging deeper into what this orange wine has to offer, a rare complexity and elegance are uncovered.
A "Kox Coup de coeur" !

Read more about our kvevri wines, the oldest wine making method known.

Wine and food pairings: Suprême of roasted guinea fowl, Bresse chicken

Best served at 10°C, to be decanted at least one hour before serving.

Kox-kvevri-riesling-75 cl

18,00 €