Cuvée «Sans Sulfites Ajoutés»

Harvest date  : 2017 Alcool content  : 12,5 % Content  : 0,75

Cuvée «Sans Sulfites Ajoutés»  - the first Crémant de Luxembourg vinified and aged without the addition of sulphites !

According to the history books, the Romans had already discovered sulphites which prolong the life of our food. This is due to the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of sulphites. This is also true for wine and its preservation.
However, it turns out that unfortunately some people react sensitively to sulphites. These people therefore do not eat dried fruit or sausages, for example, because the concentration of sulphites is too high.

This observation has led us to innovate by offering you an exclusivity:
the 1st Luxembourg Cremant "Sans Sulfites Ajoutés".
Technically, the realisation of this Crémant is a challenge, which we have met with expertise, pleasure and passion ;-).

Best served at 6°C.


16,80 €