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The discovery set «Charta» includes a selection of wine and Crémant "Charta Luxembourg".

- 2 bottle Cuvée "Charta" - Crémant de Luxembourg
- 4 bottle Pinot Blanc "Charta"

The Domain L&R Kox is one of the seven founding members of the "Charta Luxembourg", the quality charter for independent winegrowers. The first vintage of the Charta was vinified in 2007.

The Charta vineyards and the grapes grown there are controlled and certified by an independent commission. The "Charta Luxembourg" is one of the strictest quality controls in Luxembourg. After separate vinification, without enrichment or deacidification, the wine is tasted by a jury. Only the result of this sensory analysis decides on the awarding of the Charta distinction. These Charta wines require one third more work. The yield is, depending on the vintage, up to 50% less than normal wine production.

decouverte charta

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