Saint Laurent «Quintessence»

Harvest date  : 2022 Locality  : Schwebsange Kolteschberg Mention  : Appellation d'origine protégée Alcool content  : 12,5 % Content  : 0,75

This Saint Laurent is a significant achievement by the L&R Kox Domain. It evolves on fine and silky tannins, elegant aromas and a remarkable length in the mouth. No less than 12 months in an oak barrel for this Saint Laurent, which effortlessly balances power, elegance and finesse! "Vin de garde", patience will be rewarded when this wine will be aged for a while !

Wine and food pairings: beef rib steak, chateaubriand

Best served at 16°C.

Kox-privilege-st laurent barr-75cl

42,00 €