It was a research project of Leader « Miselerland » that prepared the return to barrels made of luxembourgish oak. These have always been recognised by the wood industry throughout Europe and long used in cooperage even though it was never recognised as such. Despite this, barrels made out of luxembourgish oak unfortunately disappeared from Luxembourg cellars. Until 2010…

There is an increasing interest in products 100% made in Luxembourg. And so was born a project by which oak from Luxembourgish forests has since found its way back in the form of barrels. Since the beginning of the project in 2010, the Kox Domain participated with two varieties : Saint Laurent and Pinot Noir. In order to be able to compare the results, the same wine was aged simultaneously in Luxembourg barrels and in "control" non-Luxembourg barrels (Burgundy and Bordeaux type barrels). This comparison, continued with the Saint Laurent wines from 2011 to 2014, has shown that Luxembourgish oak produces wines of premium quality of woody aromes like "vanilla" or "toasted bread".

Since the first efforts, we do not reduce the barrels of luxembourgish oak to the maturing of the wines (the phase following the fermentation). Barrels have also been used for the vinification (the fermenting phase) of red and white wines, and even for the vinifation combined with skin maceration (the fermentation takes place in the intact berries inside the barrel).

Our wines aged in Luxembourg oak barrel that are currently available :

Pinot Noir 2017,  matured in barrels made of Luxembourgish oak

Saint Laurent 2018, matured in barrels made of Luxembourgish oak

Auxerrois 2015, matured in barrels made of Luxembourgish oak


Pinot Gris, matured in barrels made of Luxembourgish oak

Chardonnay 2020, matured in barrels made of Luxembourgish oak